About us

HIGH VALUE S.L. is a referent company in Spain in the field of electric material, automaton, tactile screens, IP telephony, and so on.

With eagerness of improvement, beating spirit and great effort, HIGH VALUE S.L. has become an exponent brand in its sector, offering a technical response in all the fields.

HIGH VALUE S.L.’s directive team is formed by professionals in the electronic and telecommunication fields. We have the experience of working with enterprises of the technologic sector. Its engineering is composed with telecommunications, electronic and experience in the field, so that we can assure the true quality of our systems and equipment.

HIGH VALUE S.L. is fully committed with the investigations and development within our own fields:

Domotics, connected house, digital home.
Automation, and data acquisition systems.
Communications (VoIP, Videoconference, etc.).
Intelligent acclimatization

We can adapt and satisfy the necessities, habits and emotions of the user.